Urban Fabric _ Small Town_ Bangladesh

doodle 2.jpg

So which small town is it ?

Once a established city in the deep mangrove forest of Sundarban, ‘Khalifatabad’ was the center of the then southern part of Bangladesh. The landscape of the settlement explicitly portrays the insight of dealing with a terrain that derived from mangrove forests and the tidal dynamics of a river. This development of a territory within the deep forests gave birth to myths, which aroused the essence of divine, originated an urban-ism devised out of the by the ‘spiritual.’

Over time, this city has gone beyond habitation and a new settlement pattern has generated along the ‘Pasur’ river, but the spirituality remains unbroken in the people’s mind. Rediscovery of the ruins and recognition as a world heritage site, ‘the mosque city’ at Bagerhat, discloses new avenues of development inside and around the city, within the notion of spiritual urban-ism. Massive agglomerations of day to day devotees and pilgrims around the year has great influence in shaping the newly flourishing city and its pulse.

It can be derived from the stories that the aged say, that this place was one filled with liveliness and religious festivities, on a more frequent basis, during the time of their political leader Khan Jahan. The Islamic pioneer had succeeded to embedded within the culture of his people, a belief so strong that it still remains, even without many palpable remnants.

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