New Life!

Recycling to make space for climbers; perfume and oil bottles.

Some new leaves in winter…
Image 1 was taken on 12.10.2016.
Image 2 and 3 today, 11.11.2016.
They are growing.

Money plants get their name from the shape; being heart-shaped and rounded they are believed to look like coins! Thus, the believe that a household which grows these green beauties will have no problems with luck and wealth is not one that can be easily dismissed.

Other than their spiritual benefits, the Epipremnum aureum, does have some more ‘tangible’ benefits. These climbers have a great affinity for volatile organic compounds and are effective cleansers of the indoor air. According to Vastu Shastra, money plants absorbs harmful radiations from laptops, mobile phones and more. Other studies also show that these add to the atmosphere of a workplace, helping to increase concentration. These South Asian plants are very easy to grow and maintain. They can be grown in both soil and water, and adapt to the medium with a major change in their root structures. The roots of those growing in soil develop a sturdy skin, while the ones in water are relatively thin but greater in number, and tend to form an interlocking mesh-work.

My observations from nurturing these ‘green environmentalists’ for quite some time now would be that these plants are from the ‘evergreen’ family. They survive through the winter by reducing their number of leaves, but those that remain, stay green and strong. These plants offer a variety of color to the indoor; each stem has to offer a mix of greens. The older leaves can be seen to develop a streak of white or could just be a deep shade of green and the young ones, that may sprout out to surprise you on a cold winter morning, are usually grass-green in color and can easily be distinguished from the middle-aged ones.

A personal suggestion to those designing a new interior, would be to try to incorporate a space for plants such as the one above. If you are worried about the over growth, it can be easily controlled if the stem is planted into a small container. Money plants can also be grown within the indoor space of a residence that houses children. These plants can be grown in water containers with small openings as shown in the images above, thus offering an answer to parents who are worried that the child may fall stick from the microbes generated from the soil.

There are a variety of indoor plants that can be grown with a minimum exposure to sunlight and only basic gardening, but the befits that these bring to us weigh much more in relation. Grown in the indoor, the plants may seem very friendly, however these plants in the wild can grow as large as 50 to 60 feet, and can take over acres of forest floor as they do not have any natural enemy. Proliferation also makes the plant very easy to be multiplied and distributed; a stem that is relatively long can be observed to have roots growing into the air, these portions cut off and replanted achieve full growth over a month at any time of the year.

Will be updating new photographs soon and keep you updated on the growth.


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