Exploring Environment Friendly and Cost Effective Designs of Play Centers for the Children of the Economically Challenged

Architectural Design Cell, Department of Architecture, BRAC University and GHORAMI.JON in collaboration with BRAC Institute of Development Studies, has taken the initiative to ‘rethink’ the design strategies of a series of existing ‘Play Centers’ for the vulnerable children of Bangladesh.

The purpose of this project is build spaces that bridge the existing gap in local knowledge on how to build low cost, environmentally justified child friendly spaces that help support a healthier environment for the children. The project also aims to reach out to the surrounding community with this design to help improve on their living environment.


Existing Site 1 Conditions

Site 1: Exterior Painting (Work in Progress)


Site 1: Exterior Painting


Site 1: Installation of recycled DVDs to help reflect light into the interiors.


Bairer Bhubon _ Play Space and landscape


Separating the ‘Mayer Kol’ _ zone for children to rest in ‘ from other zones.



Shams Mansoor Ghani, Amir Ebn Sharif Tonmoy Fuad Abdul Quaium, Farasha Zaman, Subhi Nusrat Shama, Adeeba Ahsan Amina, Tanzina Binta Harun, Tahseen Reza Anika, Maisha Marzan Momo, Eudgir Arman Khan, Mahfujur Rahman.

Photo Credit:
Tanzina Binte Harun

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